Surprised by Copyright

About a decade ago I knew copyright issues relating to the library field like the back of my hand. Now, apparently, not so much.

I have on my own computer for research purposes, color and b/w maps for the Truxton Circle area ranging from  1850s to the 1930s. I was going to place them on this site when it struck me that some would still be protected by copyright. For some reason I thought everything after 1927 was in the public domain. I found out that the date is 1923. Anything after that will need some research to determine if it is in the public domain. I know the Sanborn maps, are probably not in the public domain as the map company is still in business and could have renewed its copyright.

I have placed the 1887 G,M, Hopkins maps up on the map page. Those are in the public domain. So are the maps from 1907, 1909, 1915, and 1921. In the coming weeks I shall place those on this website. 

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