Volunteer Opportunities


On the surface this project seems simple enough, put collected data on the web, upload new data, type up a helping guide for users and people who want to do their own DC neighborhood genealogy, and put those on the web. Alone, I could do that, but my skill set is mediocre in a lot of areas (web design, editing, graphics, data manipulation, etc).

Maybe you're great at editing, or writing great copy, or are a whiz with Photoshop. Whatever your great skills are maybe you can use them to bring history raw and unfiltered to the people of Truxton Circle. Maybe by spending 1 or 2 hours on on part of this project, you might learn something about the history of this neighborhood that you didn't know before. 

Okay, maybe you are not computer savvy (hey, you've made it to this web site, that's pretty savvy), there is still an opportunity to transcribe 1940 census data into the MS Excel format that will be made available to your neighbors at this site. Maybe you can give 1 hour doing one page or 10 hours, depending on how much you want to give.

This project will run from mid June 2012 to early October 2012. During that time I would appreciate your skills and/or time that you can give, be it one hour once or more.

To inquire about volunteer opportunities contact mari@inshaw.com and put Volunteer in the subject line.

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